Title: To Remus

Medium: Persona Poem

Genre: Mythological Fiction

Pitch: In my undergrad poetry class, I was tasked with writing a poem from the point of view of someone else, and as if the speaker of the poem really were that person. I decided to write it from the point of view of Romulus, the brother of Remus, who is said to have founded the Roman Empire.


Title: Moira

Medium: Flash Fiction

Genre: Noir

Summary: The unreliable narrator in this tale recounts his last moments with Moira, his partner in crime who helps him run drugs across the Moroccan desert.


Title: Singularity

Medium: Screenplay/Short Film

Genre: Science Fiction

Pitch: Captain Werner and his vampire crew are the first to leave Earth and fly a ship to Janus Prime. When their ship is damaged, Werner must decide whether his loyalties are to his crew or the humans they’re transporting.